Local Opinion: 'Soros Mercenaries List'

  • 16 Apr 2018 8:13 AM
  • BudaPost
Local Opinion: 'Soros Mercenaries List'
A pro-government weekly published a list of 200 people on Thursday whom it deems as members of the ‘Soros network’ in Hungary.

The left-liberal side reacts with fury and compares such drawing up of lists to Nazi practices. The weekly retorts that a list of pro-government personalities was compiled by a left-liberal outlet years ago.

In Népszava, Róbert Friss accuses Figyelő of ‘legitimising hatred’ and introducing the possibility of preparing ‘executioner’s lists’ in public life. Where that is possible, Friss fulminates, ‘anyone can be declared a Jew or a Gypsy or a German, to be deported’.

Hvg.hu describes the Figyelő article as ‘a new stage in the harassment of NGOs’.

Mérce writes that the list included names of people who deceased years ago.

Zoom reports a declaration by the Soros-founded Central European University condemning the publication of the list. Rector Michael Ignatieff called it a ‘flagrant attempt at intimidation’. (Likewise, the US Embassy in Budapest tweeted a message condemning ‘Figyelő’s attempt to intimidate these citizens’.)

In a tongue-in-cheek reaction, Figyelő expresses its ‘interest’ in following ‘the hysteria that erupted among those active in implementing the Soros Plan’. The editors apologise to the families of the deceased who were mistakenly included in their list. Besides, it invites those who intend to join the compendium to express their wish and offers to delete the names of those who ‘are ashamed of having been included’.

In a separate article, Figyelő asks if it was the exclusive prerogative of ‘George Soros’s blog’ (i.e. 444.hu) to compile lists of people they dislike. The left-liberal website asked its readers in 2013 to vote for  ‘the most servile Hungarian’ and published a list of thirty pro-government personalities with denigrating comments on their activities.

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