Indian Days, Central Market Hall, 3 – 5 July

  • 28 Jun 2018 8:19 AM
Indian Days, Central Market Hall, 3 – 5 July
India, ‘The Country of Diversity’, showcases its national goods at the start of July, part of the 'Country Days' series at Budapest's Great Market Hall: Vasarcsarnok.

What you can buy: Colorful Dresses and Shawls, Bangles, Jewellery, Leather goods, Ayurvedic products, Handicrafts and Folk Arts, Rugs, Wood and Marble Carvings, Fragranced Sticks, Cosmetics.

Also you can enjoy the flavors of India during the event: Teas, Sweets, Curries, Koftas,  Samosas, and other exotic dishes will be available.

You can surprise your tea-lover friends and family members with unique teas from India. Indian teas are well-known around the world, for example it’s worth trying some authentic Darjeeling - often called as ‘The champagne of tea’, from the hills of Northeast India.

Plus an art and photo exhibition, Bollywood Dancers, Namaste Singing Bowl Healing Performances and Bollywood movies will also be on show during the Indian days in the Great Market Hall.

Also during this weekend the 'Indian Tourist Days' will be held here, so you can use the opportunity to  get closer to Indian wildlife, culture and its various religions to visit, such as New Delhi, Goa, Jaipur, and Bengaluru.

Great Market Hall
1093 Budapest, Vámház krt. 1-3.


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