Public Health Programme Geared Towards Illness Prevention

  • 29 Jun 2018 8:22 AM
  • Hungary Matters
Public Health Programme Geared Towards Illness Prevention
The government’s public health programme focuses on preventing illnesses and preserving health, and will determine the progress of Hungarian health care for decades to come, Human Resources Minister Miklós Kásler said.

The programme is based on five national schemes on the prevention and treatment of circulatory, cancerous, locomotor, mental and paediatric diseases, Kásler said.

Experts submitted the schemes to the minister on Wednesday.

Prevention should start at conception, Kásler said, and continue throughout the child’s time in creche, kindergarten and school, creating an environment where a healthy lifestyle becomes a natural choice.

The development of basic and ambulance care is also on the agenda, Kásler said. The ministry has already penned a plan to fight hospital infections.

Hospitals will set up teams of ID specialists to control potential infections and enforce preventive measures, the minister said. The infectious disease control system will be “practically unique” in Europe, Kásler said.

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