'Hey, June', Mupa, 18 - 21 June

  • 15 May 2018 7:28 AM
'Hey, June', Mupa, 18 - 21 June
Between June 18 and 23 the Müpa Budapest Start of Summer Festival is introducing a selection of the most popular Hungarian pop music performers, who are preparing with something really special for this occasion. 

The one and only Hey, June! concerts bring the experience of a lifetime: the Swedish-Hungarian singer, Antonia Vai - pictured above - mixing world music with soul and pop, will be arriving at the stage of Müpa Budapest with impressive visuals, where, besides her greatest hits, we can listen to some exciting songs from her new album, the Ritual.

The Konyha band will also not make a disappointment, and playing along the axis of rock-country-funk-blues axis, they brighten the evening with wind instruments and musician friends.

We will not be bored during the performance of the 10 years old Kéknyúl band, as they show us what criminal funk is. At this specially envisioned concert, we can listen to the soundtrack album of a fictional crime movie, and the story comes alive with the participation of guest artists, and furthermore, with the help of their singer, Andrew Hefler, the musicians themselves also try acting.

The cinematic visions will not end even with the Elefánt band, as they admittedly engage in soundtracks written for non-existent films. Fast rhythms, meditative slowness, punk energies and chanson mood: they are simply unmissable.

One of Europe's most popular modern progressive bands, the Special Providence, does not leave it to chance, as they create magic with guests such as Róbert Hrutka, Gulli Briem from Mezzofort, and Bálint Csongor (ex-Subscribe, USEME).

Detailed program:

Antonia Vai
18 June 2018, 8 pm Festival Theatre
Ticket prices: HUF 2500 / HUF 3200 / HUF 3900 

19 June 2018, 8 pm Festival Theatre
Ticket prices: HUF 2200 / HUF 2900 / HUF 3200 

Kéknyúl: criminal funk
20 June 2018, 8 pm Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
Ticket prices:HUF 2100 /HUF 2400 /  HUF 3200 / HUF 3900 

21 June 2018, 8 pm Festival Theatre
Ticket prices: HUF 2200 / HUF 2900 / HUF 3200 

Special Providence
23 June 2018, 8 pm Festival Theatre
Ticket prices:HUF 2500 / HUF 3200 / HUF 3900 

More: mupa.hu
Address: 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1.

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