Antik Placc Flea Market


  • 3 Mar 2019 10:00 AM
  • Antik Placc
Antik Placc Flea Market
"Antik Placc is organised to provide a place to rediscover antiquities from a brand new point of view: renovated, redesigned, and modified. You can enjoy the atmosphere where oldies and new designs are presented together, as well as cultural programs at the same time.

The organisers add, "Our goal is to draw the attention of the new generation to the world of antiquities and to take pleasure in its magic. Antik Placc welcomes everyone who is open to the latest trends and is also sensitive to the old school."

Market style: e.g. grilled sausages...

Pet dogs are welcome!
Place: Antik Placc
Address: 1072 Budapest, Klauzál tér 11.
Phone: +36706373910
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