Online Kundalini Yoga


  • 8 Jul 2020 6:15 PM
  • Devdwara Studio
Online Kundalini Yoga
Every second Wednesday.

Focus: Blissful relationships
Kundalini yoga can help you to understand your real goals. It empowers you to put them into the focus of your life and break down your walls and taboos that keep you away from fulfilling them. In this series of classes we focus on relationship goals, harmony and connectedness.

Caring, love and attention makes many of us feel content and alive. We often feel complete when our important relationships bloom, too.
In a new home or space, the importance of relationships just grows. Who are we connected to?

A trip or moving can re-define the space between us and our loved ones. Some of our relationships fade away, while others get stronger. We cross borders and sometimes realize that we are crossing so much more … habits, thoughts, fears, plans and so on. We gain and we lose; and we need to process it within ourselves. Traveling makes us wonder inside, too.
Place: Devdwara Studio
Address: 1015 Budapest Donáti utca 17.
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