Lecture On Essentials Of A Rental Process In Budapest


  • 27 Feb 2019 6:30 PM
  • Eötvös10 Community & Cultural House
Lecture On Essentials Of A Rental Process In Budapest
The first step towards getting settled in Budapest is to find a cozy home. The city has 23 districts, each with its own natural charm and pros and cons, but where to start the search? How to set expectations?

Location, contract conditions, rental fees, transportation, overheads, heating and A/C system options, common costs, parking...etc. What is behind these terms when it comes to renting a property in Budapest?

What are the signs to pay attention to and what are the questions to ask while visiting a potential home? What should be included in the lease agreement? How to manage moving in and moving out? How may the new 2019 law on landlord’s taxation affect the Hungarian rental market?

Lector: Natasa Fust. Graduate economist with 5+ years experience in individual & family services as a destination consultant: overall assistance for expats and their families with home- and school search, area orientation, settling-in and departures, sightseeing, property management, immigration services.

Entrance fee: HUF 2,200 / tickets available on the spot
Place: Eötvös10 Community & Cultural House
Address: 1067 Budapest, Eötvös u. 10.
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