Lecture On Blockchain: Where Is The Revolution?


  • 20 Mar 2019 6:30 PM
  • Eötvös House Of Culture
Lecture On Blockchain: Where Is The Revolution?
Blockchain: where is the revolution? The decentralisation's impact from privacy to climate change.

An exciting lecture from Tamás Czeglédi.

Tamás is a serial entrepreneur and business strategist for innovative technologies. Co-founder of Blockchaineum and CEO and founder of Meddictive Zrt., Tamas holds an MBA, and MSc in Finance and an MA in International Relations.

He is a founding member of blockchain research group within Mensa International. He is a regular guest lecturer at the universities and invited speaker at the conferences on blockchain.

Tamás is convinced that nowadays, one must learn a new profession in every 3 years. To adapt to new tech we have to be ready to develop expertise quickly. In the last decade he has extended experience with projects in life sciences, fintech, medtech and blockchain from founding and managing companies, through consulting till education.

Tamás is a practical blockchain trend expert. His company Blockchaineum is a blockchain business consulting, and solution provider with several ongoing developments. The most important blockchain event in CEE was organised by Blockchaineum for the second time in 2018.

Moreover, his another initiative "Meddictive" has developed a blockchain-based healthcare platform. Both companies are in strong cooperation with universities and their related curricula are under development.

Entrance fee: 2 200 Ft, available on the spot
Place: Eötvös House Of Culture
Address: 1067 Budapest, Eötvös utca 10. (Room 119)
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