Nicole & Zaránd


  • 19 Aug 2019 8:00 PM
  • FÉM Arts Café
Nicole & Zaránd
What more could you long for on a lazy bank holiday Monday morning if not for the perfect taste of jam on a piece of toast with your fav coffee, whilst you are browsing through the cultural programmes Budapest has to offer.

As an average international couple, Nicole and Zaránd do the same when they reside in their family vacation home of Karád each summer, couple of kilometers away from Balatonlelle.

As band leader and musician of international "hotpot" La Mort Subite, partially Hungarian rooted and hurdy-gurdy enthusiast Zaránd is determined to build a bridge between his folk music heritage and popular musical styles trending in Europe.

Across this bridge he also leads his American singer and songwriter wife, as any good man should. In between two stops, Nicole, bringing along her commuting suitcase with bunch of different genres, gently hints and spices the eve with more exotism. Mixed fruits jam on toast for dinner too, anyone?
Place: FÉM Arts Café
Address: 1056 Budapest Váci utca 40.
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