Tonight: Bodylotion Co-Dance: ’Fear No More’ @ MU Theater


Tonight: Bodylotion Co-Dance: ’Fear No More’ @ MU Theater
Digital witchcraft, spiritual party, transformation.

'Fear no more' is a playful ritual that takes place in our multi-sensory temple trapped between past and future. The space, the lights, the sound and the moves are designed exclusively for you to safely explore the last moment and practice for the Big Step Over.

Please contribute waste to the ritual of grief and joy and bring your collection of plastic bags/ wasted office or wrapping papers /plastic straws and you’ll be rewarded with a surprise at the entry.

Bodyloiton co-dance is an artistic partnership between Virag Arany and Julia Hadi. After graduating together from Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy they created their first project in 2009 and have been working together ever since.

They share interest in finding choreographic approaches that draw up philosophical dilemmas, as well using limitation as a creative tool. They create modified micro-realities based on redefining movements of everyday life and using traditional, ritualistic forms of movement from different cultures as a starting point. They consider their duo to be both a form of collaboration and an artistic and aesthetic practice.
Place: MU Színház
Address: 1117 Budapest, Kőrösy József u. 17.
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