Run Mastermind Groups For Fun


  • 17 Sep 2019 6:00 PM
  • The Workshop
Run Mastermind Groups For Fun
Mastermind accountability groups are suddenly everywhere.
But is it the right tool to add to your business and should you be in a group yourself?

Running your own groups can add huge value to you and your clients. And joining a successful group can speed you to massive growth.

But this deceptively simple coaching tool is often done badly - come and learn the full Mastermind Framework from an expert and avoid the many pitfalls.

You’ll learn
* Exactly what is and isn’t a mastermind group
* Masterminding is right for you business (Clue: yes it is!)
* The single biggest mistake most mastermind coaches make
* How to structure your group most effectively
* How to fill your paid Mastermind groups quickly
* (it's simple, free, and still most people won't use this technique!)

There'll be plenty of time for you questions - both in session and informally over drinks afterwards.

Bring your Mastermind ideas and questions and we’ll Mastermind one or two with the group.

Who is this Liz Scully woman?
Emmy award winning Liz Scully is a business strategist who runs Mastermind teams that are ridiculously fun and highly effective.

In the Masterminds she puts together for herself and other big name coaches - you’re focused and not derailed by the million things screaming for your attention. Bringing skills from film, she creates supportive teams of brilliant minds that actually achieve much more together than alone.
Place: The Workshop
Address: 1061 Budapest, Paulay u. 16.
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