Environmental Awareness Program - Grazing the Amazon @ MiraDoor


Environmental Awareness Program - Grazing the Amazon @ MiraDoor
A massive burn in Amazon rainforest has caught world's eyes on last months.

Are you interested in understanding Amazon situation and understand a little more about what is going there?

Join in for watching the documentary Grazing the Amazon (2018) directed by Marcio Isensee e Sá.

There are 85 million cows in the Brazilian Amazon, which means three cows for each human dweller grazing today and area that was once forest. Less than fifty years ago, in the 1970s, the rainforest was intact. Since then, a portion the size of France has disappeared, 66% of which transformed into pastures. Much of this change is a consequence of government incentives that attracted thousands of farmers from southern lands. Cattle ranching became an economic and cultural banner of the Amazon, forging powerful politicians to defend it.

In 2009, there was a game changer: the Public Prosecutor's Office sued large slaughterhouses, forcing them to supervise cattle supplying farms.

After the documentary screening two Brazilian researchers are going to talk about their work in Amazon rainforest:

João Lanna:
"Biologist, Master in Tropical Ecology and current reseacher in Biodiversity Informatics by REFLORA Program at the Botanical Garden Research Institute of Rio de Janeiro. Researcher associate with the Forest Ecology Group at Mamirauá Sustainable Development Institute. Collaborator of the Amazon Forest Inventory Network - RAINFOR. Experience in forest ecology, forest dynamics, forest ecological modeling, forest management, phytogeography and management, publication and integration of biodiversity data."

Amanda Cordeiro:
"Hi! My name is Amanda Longhi Cordeiro and I am a Brazilian Ph.D. student at the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology in the Ecosystem Science and Sustainability department at Colorado State University. I have a master’s degree in Tropical Forest Science at the National Institute of Amazonian Researches (INPA) in the Amazon rainforest.

My main research interests are related to the carbon cycle and soils in tropical forests, the environmental services that these forests can provide and how tropical forests can respond to climate change. I am also interested in how we can improve land management to incorporate carbon into soils and avoid greenhouse gas emissions."

If you would like to know more about all of that, come and join in the intercultural community to meet new international and interesting people.

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Place: MiraDoor
Address: 1084 Budapest, Bokréta u. 10.
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