Social Documentary Film Club


Social Documentary Film Club
Come and join in the Social Documentary Film Club where through social topics, you will discover, discuss and debate about the world, as Humans, you live in.

So join and share your ideas and impressions to enrich your soul!

Jae-Chang Kim is a temperamental Korean opera singer known as Angry Bird. Five years ago he started a children’s choir in the city of Pune, India.

However, parents are skeptical of the practical value of music education. Angry Bird decides to gather the parents with their children for a joint concert, showing them the power of music in bringing families closer together.

The screening of “Singing with Angry Bird” is made possible by School Verzió which is the free educational program of Verzió Film Foundation.

The screening is free but you can contribute to the community space with donation. Basic donation is 500 HUT, supporting donation is 1000 FT.
Place: MiraDoor
Address: 1094 Budapest, Bokréta u. 10.
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