Crisis Worldwide - & In Hungary?


Crisis Worldwide - & In Hungary?
Stock market indices are declining. Considered as the economic engine of Europe, German industry and exports are slowing down. Investment advisors are calling for caution, and according to some economics specialists’ declaration in the press, the market will collapse within a year.

Is a new global economic crisis approaching?
How would it affect our everyday lives?
Do EU funds boost the Hungarian economy?

At the next event of the „Borderless Knowledge” lecture series these questions will be discussed by:
-László Csaba economist, Professor at CEU
-Éva Palócz, economist, CEO of Kopint-Tárki
-Ákos Deliága, Managing Director and Co-founder of Talk-a-Bot, a company developing chatbots.

The event is open to the public and requires registration.
Place: Central European University
Address: 1051 Budapest Nádor utca 15.
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