Lightbox Making Workshop


  • 30 Nov 2019 10:00 AM
  • Technika #1
Lightbox Making Workshop
This Hungarian & English speaking Lightbox workshop is for beginners, for those who've been hesitating to start DIY-ing, working with wood but never got started.

All it takes is some enthusiasm and time to get into it. It's the perfect first step on your way to eventually create projects on your own! While building your unique hand-made furniture, you will be taught the basics of wood DIY and how to use properly the most common starter tools. And don’t forget the painting. You’ll also learn the most useful painting techniques from the painting master of PPG Trilak.

Participation fee:
you can choose from 3 available sizes for your lightbox:
S - 34 x 9 cm - 25.000 Ft
M - 34 x 24 cm - 32.000 Ft
L - 69 x 44 cm - 43.000 Ft

What is included in the price?
- education
- use of infrastructure
- wood preparation
- material costs
- LED strip lights
- plexi glass without the writing on
+ for an additional 2.000 Ft we can get the writing sticker
made for you in advance

Couple's Discount
If the two of you work together on the furniture, the 2nd person only needs to pay 13.000 HUF.
Place: Technika #1
Address: 1033 Budapest, Fő tér 1.
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