Talking Data-Our Life In The Era Of Big Data


  • 16 Dec 2019 6:00 PM
  • CEU
Talking Data-Our Life In The Era Of Big Data
Our data is stored by companies, offices, hospitals, schools and on the Internet. They keep track of which web pages we visit, where we do our shopping, where we go, who we are in contact with. Internet has become a socio-political issue.

The incredible growth and processing of data has an impact on our everyday lives and on science as well.

How does data and its processing change our lives?
How can this set of data be used in commerce or even in dating?
Can data-based research create a breakthrough in the search for a cure for cancer? Is artificial intelligence taking over the role of the human in science? How secure is our privacy on the World Wide Web?

At the next event of the „Borderless Knowledge” lecture series these questions will be discussed by:
- János Kertész, Széchenyi Prize-winning Hungarian physicist, network researcher, professor at CEU,
- Dániel Veres, medical scientist, founder of Turbine startup company, whose team is revolutionizing pharmaceutical research with the help of artifical intelligence,
- Júlia Koltai, Assistant Professor at Eötvös Loránd University and Researcher at the Center for Social Sciences in the field of quantitative sociology.
Place: CEU
Address: 1051 Budapest, Nádor u. 15.
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