Finding A Job As An International In Hungary


Finding A Job As An International In Hungary
If you are looking for a job in Hungary, this workshop is for you. Learn about the particularities of applying for jobs in Hungary. When you are job hunting in another country, you always struggle with the unknowns.

“I didn’t know whether I was not invited for the job interview, because I wasn’t good enough, or because I didn’t speak the local language”, a young woman told us. You are questioning yourself, so you are less successful. But you are not the only one in this situation – and there are answers to your questions.

The workshop answers specific questions:

Particularities of the Hungarian job market
• How an application process looks like
• How to deal with HR during the application phase
• How a great CV looks like in Hungary
• Mock interview roleplay

You will leave the workshop feeling more confident, understanding your prospects for finding your job and with a concrete action plan for the next steps.

Participation is limited to 10 participants.
Place: Impact Hub Budapest
Address: 1053 Budapest, Ferenciek tere 2.
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