Women in Bloom Weekly Online Circles


  • 6 May 2020 8:30 PM
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Women in Bloom Weekly Online Circles
From the organisers: Restrictions on in-person public events should not prevent us from getting together, offering each other support, and lifting each other up.

Weekly Wednesday Online Circles are starting:
a place to arrive to a deeper sense of inner calm and acceptance,
to release stress and anxiety,
to experience the sisterhood support.

In these times of shutting down national borders and heightened anxiety, we still have the gift of technology to help us stay connected, share our warmth, express our struggles and feel part of something greater.

During this Online Circle you will be guided through an empowering experience of sharing in a circle, an inner peace meditation, and practices supporting greater body awareness and emotional release.

A women's circle is a space to deeply listen,
to be present with our own state, as well as with the others,
to recognize our needs,
to mirror our similarities,
to empower each other with our vulnerabilities.
It is a place to nourish our hearts and souls.

Join and experience the deeply nourishing feeling of belonging to a greater community.

~ ~ ~

No special preparation or previous experience with women circles is required.

Contribution : pay what you can.
Even though the event is open to anyone, whether you choose to contribute or not, know that even the smallest contribution goes a long way to support future events.
Place: Budapest
Address: Budapest
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