Lead And Inspire Through Storytelling


Lead And Inspire Through Storytelling
Leadership today is about guidance, transformation, and purpose. As a leader, you continuously need to communicate strategy, vision, plans, and priorities.

Your ability to come across as inspiring and motivating is of paramount importance to get an organization or a project team to genuinely follow you and cooperate with you. In this 2-hour interactive workshop, Valeriano Donzelli, Corporate Executive, Leadership and Communication Skills Coach, TEDx Speaker, and Leadership Blogger on medium.com, will share with you a series of insights and techniques that will help you:

Look confident and prepared anytime you're speaking up in meetings, both in-person and virtual;
Deliver clear, powerful and concise messages;
Improve your capacity to engage your audience as a presenter and your team as a leader;
Increase your ability to be perceived as authentic and relatable, and therefore to inspire and create motivation;
Adopt an impactful, powerful, and non-judgemental language and communication style.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from Vale. He has been teaching for years in corporations and no-profit organizations how to incorporate storytelling into the skill set of future leaders.

Link to join the event: https://zoom.us/j/94876862058
Place: Knowledge Pyramid Kft. Fáy utca 85.
Address: 1135 Budapest, Fáy utca 85.
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