Fermentation Workshop In English


Fermentation Workshop In English
From the organisers: In our bodies there are as many bacterias as cells, about 39 trillion. They also surround everything including our homes and food. According to current estimates there are approximatively 1 trillion different bacteria species, we identified 0.0001% of them.

Despite, way ahead of the appearence of modern science, our ancestors figured out how to select and call to our help specific bacterium species. We have been "hiring" them for three main jobs and that will be discussed at the workshop:

-preserving, for example cabbage becoming sauerkraut
-improve digestibility for example soya beans becoming tofu
-extra enjoyment for example barley becoming beer

At the workshop I will present several traditional fermentation techniques and explain how they work and the effects they have on our bodies.

Of course you will be active as well. I am welcoming you with a bunch of ingredients to ferment together and that you can take home.

Also part of the workshop is the tasting. You can try aged kimchi and other lacto-fermented vegetables, fermented plant based creams and yoghurt, kombucha, water kefir and ginger beer. Come hungry!

To sign up: Send a private message.
Ticket cost: 9000 (currently via bank transfer). This includes all the ingredients for the foods to ferment, plenty of ferments to taste that I prepare in advance
Place: Budapest
Address: Budapest
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