Nomad Picnic For Expats


Nomad Picnic For Expats
After tasting Hungarian wine, craft beer, and croissants during the first two picnics, organisers decided to do another relaxing but thematic picnic. This time the focus is gonna be on specialty coffee roasted in Hungary.

In fact, the managers of the picnic, David and Balint became friends as they both love coffee. Balint as a freelancer barista was a regular at Nook, where David used to work.

Let these two guys tell you more about coffee, interesting facts, legends, and furthermore, let them show you some tools that you can use for brewing coffee at home or while traveling/camping out.

What to expect:
-Premium Quality Specialty Coffee(s) from a Hungarian Roastery
-two friendly advanced level baristas
-3 amazing tools and instructions on how to use them
-some bananas not to get too high from coffee
-opportunity to try out any tools and make your own coffee
Place: Normafa, Campfire Place
Address: 1121 Budapest, Normafa
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