Plant Based Milkproducts Workshop


  • 18 Oct 2020 3:00 PM
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Plant Based Milkproducts Workshop
During this workshop you will be guided through the fascinating world of plant based milks. Are you vegan, lactose intolerant or simply would like to consume less animal products?

Different base techniques and ingredients will be presented to use.
You will prepare 5 different plant milks, one of them ready in 5 min. So you no longer need to buy pricy store milks. You will also learn about their health benefits and digestibility.

You will also learn to prepare tofu, yoghurt and different cottage cheese like spreads out of the milks you made! The group will fry up and eat the fresh tofu with Hungarian rice and the spreads on home baked, whole grain sourdough bread. You can learn a lot about fermentation as well.

The cost of the workshop is 12.000/person or 20.000/2 people. This includes all the ingredients, the yummy foods, drinks ( home made herbal tea and kombucha) a nutbag, so you can make plant milks at home as well and 2 0.7 jars of the milks you will make.

To secure your spot drop a message and you will receive the bank details for ticket buying.
Place: Szeszgyar - A hely
Address: 1086 Budapest, Szeszgyar Utca 12.
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