Tokaj Vineyards Trip – Wine Cellars & Scenic Views


Tokaj Vineyards Trip – Wine Cellars & Scenic Views
To escape the hot summer days this time BAIS invites you to some cool wine cellars in one of the most famous wine regions of Europe, the Tokaj hills which is a UNESCO world heritage site as well.

It is the unique white dessert wine that has brought world fame to Tokaj but there’s much more to try and see around this little Northeastern Hungarian town!

Tokaj is situated in the Northeastern part of Hungary, 230 km away from Budapest on the Eastern slopes of the Zemplén mountain range, upon the confluence of river Tisza and Bodrog.

This odd combination of the volcanic soil, the wide damp floodplains and the mild climate are what made Tokaj an excellent wine producing place.

Throughout the centuries, these wine hills generated enormous wealth for their owners and the local merchants as the consumers were not only Hungarian aristocrats but also royalties from all across Europe, explaining why it is called the king of wines and the wine of kings ‘Vinum Regum Rex Vinorum’.

The 3-hour long hike will start with the peculiar Tarcal quarry, a scenic lake nestled in an abandoned mining pit.

From Tarcal we will climb up to the top of the Tokaj hill (514 metres) which juts deep inside the Great Hungarian Plain, providing us with a stunning view.

Once conquering the summit the group will descend to the town of Tokaj and take a look at some of its old monuments and wine cellars where you will have the chance to taste either the must (grape juice) or the famous Tokaj wine.

The length of the hike: 9 km, 420 meters ascend and descend
Duration of the hike: approx. 3.5 hours
Difficulty: This hike is doable for everyone but it lacks shadowed places, so bring your hat, sunglasses, sun cream and water bottle!

7h10 - Meeting at Keleti railway station, right at the main entrance of the main building, on the small stairs, under the clock and the statues (address: Baross Gábor tér)

10h30 – Arriving at Tarcal railway station: Hike-time

14h00 – Lunch

15h00 – Wine cellar visit in the old town of Tokaj

19h50 – taking the train from Tokaj to Budapest (changing in Hatvan)

23h25 - Arrival back to Budapest


Student with Food: 9900 HUF
Student without Food: 8900 HUF
Adult with Food: 10990 HUF
Adult without Food: 9900 HUF
Place: Tokaj
Address: Tokaj
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