Big Vegan Burger Workshop


  • 25 Oct 2020 3:00 PM
  • Szeszgyár - A hely
Big Vegan Burger Workshop
Come learn cool and diverse plant based cooking skills — fast food Americana style! No cow or plane flight needed! You’ll be gettin' the whole works, from the simple tricks to the big-time technical ins and outs.

You’ll learn all about fermentation preparing the pickles, some baking for the incredibly soft potato buns, and, of course, pure science when you create that balanced, juicy burger patty made entirely of easy-to-find ingredients.

Not to mention becoming a sauce master creating your own vegan mayo and thick, yummy, cheese sauce. And what about the mandatory milkshake? You'll learn some basic plant milk making techniques and pro tips with ya when you whip up that insanely decadent … peanut butter shake!

This workshop will be slightly longer (about 4 hours) then the fermentation and plant milk workshops but, be assured, there’s pleeeenty to learn and do!

The price is 14.000ft per person, which includes all the food made and consumed during the workshop, snacks, beer and/or non alcoholic home made fermented beverages, and, to take home, a jar of pickles, some peanut milk, and vegan mayo.
Place: Szeszgyár - A hely
Address: 1086 Budapest, Szeszgyar Utca 12.
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