Cave Bath – Discovering Gems Of Miskolc


  • 11 Oct 2020 7:10 AM
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Cave Bath – Discovering Gems Of Miskolc
Now that the hot summer days are slowly over BAIS invites you to a pleasant autumn hike in the Bükk mountains combined with a visit to the world famous Miskolc cave bath.

Miskolc is the 4th biggest town of Hungary, and even though still shadowed by its industrial past, the closer region boasts a plethora of attractions both in the surrounding Bükk mountains and in the historical center of Miskolc.

Two of its outstanding historical monuments are the medieval 4-tower castle of Diósgyőr dating back to the times when Hungary and Poland were ruled by the same king, and the Calvinist church of Avas.

Bükk is the second highest mountain range of Hungary which towers above the city of Miskolc: it’s mainly formed by limestone, therefore you’ll be amused by pointy cliffs, rocks, small caves and sinkholes on our 4-hours hike through the forest to the cave bath.
Also, you can enjoy stunning views on the deep valleys of the Bükk.

The hot springs of Miskolctapolca are known since the medieval times but the hot tubes were constructed first in the 18th century and the current setting of the bath only since the 1950s. On top of the cave pools it also offers special thermal water hot tubes and saunas – and a restaurant of course.

The length of the hike: 11 km, 400 meters ascend and descend
Duration of the hike: approx. 3.5 hours
Difficulty: This hike is doable for everyone but don’t forget to bring your proper trekking shoes!

7h10 - Meeting at Keleti railway station, right at the main entrance of the main building, on the small stairs, under the clock and the statues (address: Baross Gábor tér)
9h30 – Arriving at Miskolc railway station
10h00 – Arriving to the castle of Diósgyőr by tram
14h00 – Getting in the cave bath where you can also get a lunch
Swimming & bathing time
19h00 – Returning to Miskolc railway station through the scenic downtown
20h30 – taking the train from Miskolc to Budapest (changing in Hatvan)
23h25 - Arrival back to Budapest-Keleti

Student: 9500 HUF
Adult: 11000 HUF

Some pro arguments to definitely join this hike:

- You can swim in the most spectacular Hungarian bath inside a deep natural cave
- Hike by the most intact medieval Hungarian knights’ castle
- Discover the surrounding Bükk mountain forests flaunting their autumn colors
- Take a decent but not excrutiating walk and find some outlandish rocks and caves in the mountains
- Last but not the least, you can spend your day with lovely international people!

Please note that our participation fee includes only the travel and the cave bath entrance fee, but not your lunch, it is up to you to choose in the restaurant of the bath!

Please also note that we cannot make sure that the bath won’t close due to the pandemic situation! If it happens, organisers will provide you with alternative programs and a limited refund, but they cannot fully refund your participation fee if your train tickets are booked already!
Place: Miskolc
Address: Miskolc
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