Vegan Ramen+Gyoza Workshop (Gluten Free Option)


Vegan Ramen+Gyoza Workshop (Gluten Free Option)
From the organiser:
Since I was an architectural intern in Japan 7 years ago, I have been chasing the secrets of a perfect bowl of ramen. In the meantime, I switched to a plant based diet and this has only added to my pursuit, making me discover ingredients I wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

These incredible creations might appear at first, as a bowl of soupe, but rest assured, they can be a work of art. Be careful, ramen causes addiction.

During this class I will teach you how to make a creamy miso ramen with a broth base reaching far beyond your classic veggie broth. We will make our own ramen specific noodles and add toppings such as:

-Marinated, home made tofu á la ajitsuke tamago (japanese marinated egg)
-soya bean sprout salad
-chaschu (braised pork) style eggplant + some classics. This list is subject to change depending on what is freshly available.

To follow Japanese traditions we will make gyoza with home made pasta and 2 different fillings and dip.

The cost of this class is 10.000ft which includes all the ingredients and of course, a big bowl of delicious ramen, gyoza and sencha green tea.

To secure your spot drop me a message and I will send you the bank details to buy your ticket.

The class will be held in a small group ( 4-6 ppl ) and everyone is encouraged to wear a mask up until eating the ramen.
Place: Szeszgyar - A hely
Address: 1086 Budapest, Szeszgyar Utca 12.
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