Forest Monastery Hike For Expats– Autumn Walk In The Woods Near Eger


  • 8 Nov 2020 6:40 AM
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Forest Monastery Hike For Expats– Autumn Walk In The Woods Near Eger
This time you can come for a pleasant walk in the colourful autumn forests of the Western Bükk mountains.

The main attraction of the region is the Cistercian monastery of Bélapátfalva – this Romanesque building is one of the best-preserved medieval abbeys of Central Europe nested in a scenic mountainous landscape.

You can also check out the towering cliffs of Szarvaskő before Eger where you can discover the charming cobbled old city center and grab some dinner.

Bükk is the second highest mountain range of Hungary which towers above the village of Bélapátfalva: the settlement got its name from the 815 metres tall Bél-kő which is a bare limestone cliff cultivated by miners for centuries and one of the highest rock walls you can find in Hungary.

The medieval abbey is situated at the bottom of the mountain, hence it is a common starting point for hike routes in the area, including the famous Blue trail which goes across the whole country connecting the most remarkable natural sights.

An 11 km hike awaits you at the Blue trail down to the castle ruins of Szarvaskő, a famous viewpoint over the gorge of the Eger-patak stream.

The other main stop, Eger is one of the most popular touristic destinations of Hungary, the small town is famous for its historical castle, cathedral, minaret, the scenic downtown, and the famous wine which is sold in cosy wine cellars in the Western part of the city.

The length of the hike: 11 km, 300 meters ascend and descend

Duration of the hike: approx. 5 hours

Difficulty: This hike is doable for everyone but don’t forget to bring your proper trekking shoes!

Student: 8500 HUF
Adult: 9500 HUF

What is included?
- An experienced tour guide
- Transportation
- Packed Hungarian gourmet lunch


6h40 - Meeting at Keleti railway station, right at the main entrance of the main building, on the small stairs, under the clock and the statues (address: Baross Gábor tér)

9h50 – Arriving at Bélapátfalva railway station (after a 20 min change in Eger)

10h20 – Getting to the abbey


15h50 – Taking our train from Szarvaskő to Eger

City tour & dining time in Eger

19h00 – taking the train from Eger to Budapest (changing in Hatvan)

21h25 - Arrival back to Budapest-Keleti

Some pro arguments to definitely join this hike:

You can visit one of the most beautiful abbeys of Central Europe in the forest of the Bükk mountain

- Hike in the autumn-coloured beech and oak tree forests

- Walk along the famous Hungarian Blue trail (Kéktúra) path

- Discover the charming downtown of Eger with the hiking group!

- Last but not the least, you can spend your day with lovely international people!
Place: Bükk
Address: Bükk
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