Korean Cooking Class


Korean Cooking Class
Seo will introduce the South Korean gastronomy to those who join the event this early evening on the 2nd of November.

First you will make Korean Eggrolls together and then taste it, then learn how to make Bibimbap, one of the most famous dish of the Koreans. The last dish will be the meat dumpling known in several countries in Asia. The Korean version which is a little different from both the Japanese and Chinese versions is called Mandu.

Guaranteed high-level Asian gastronomic experience and new knowledge as part of a ferocious dinner!

Participation in the event is subject to pre-registration, its neccesary to wear your masks until the participants are together. Due to the virus, the number of participants was maximized to 8 people.

Participation fee: 6000 HUF (16.43 EUR)

This includes attending the session, the ingredients and tasting the prepared food.
Place: Budapest Garden Hostel
Address: 1112 Budapest, Hérics 20.
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