Irish Jam Session, Fonó Budapest, 2 August


Irish Jam Session, Fonó Budapest, 2 August
Fonó’s session series sponsors open jam sessions where anyone can come and join in the music making on weeknights. Beginning or advanced musicians, music lovers, anyone interested – everyone is welcome – either with or without an instrument.

Irish Jam Session happens every other Monday - you’ll hear jigs, reels and other traditional Irish dance music.

According to the Irish custom, you are free to join in. Usual instruments: flute, accordion, concertina, bodhran, guitar, buzuki, banjo.

Each time there will also be a so-called “slow session” for learning new tunes and new repertoire. Bring your instrument watch the others, if you know the tune, join in the music making!

Free admission
Place: Fonó Budapest
Address: 1116 Budapest Sztregova u 3.
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