Atlas Exhibition, Kiscelli Museum Budapest


Atlas Exhibition, Kiscelli Museum Budapest
What are we to do with the traditional instruments of scientific knowledge in an age when facts are losing their grip on the public imagination giving way to arguments of emotion and personal conviction? Most likely it is not the local library where one would go looking for answers.

Instead, we reach for one of our digital devices with which Wikipedia, the encyclopaedia that anyone can edit, is just a few clicks away.

Atlases (collections of maps) and their cognate genres, encyclopaedias and reference books, are textual and/or visual depositories of human knowledge.

Ever since the Enlightenment, authors of such works have set out to measure and systematize the world with the ambition of comprehensiveness.
Place: Kiscelli Museum Budapest
Address: Address: 1037 Budapest, Kiscelli utca 108
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