Jazzy&Jazzpiknik: De-Phazz, MOMkult Budapest, 12 November


Jazzy&Jazzpiknik: De-Phazz, MOMkult Budapest, 12 November
De-Phazz is a downtempo nu jazz band from Heidelberg that combines modern musical trends with elements of soul, Latin music, trip hop and drum and bass in a lounge sound environment. De-Phazz is headed by Pit Baumgartner. The band's vocalists are Barbara Lahr, Karl Frierson and Pat Appleton.

After the release of the Detunized Gravity and Godsdog albums, the soundscape of De Phazz changed a bit. Trip-hop, acid jazz and break beat elements were more and more relegated to the background, while Latin elements came more and more to the fore.

The Death By Chocolate album already included songs performed in French and German. Countless guest musicians performed at De Phazz's concerts, thus the band's soundscape was constantly changing. In the meantime, the vocalists also released solo albums, which also contributed to the popularity of De Phazz!

In 2008, Pit Baumgartner also appeared with a solo album. The peculiarity of this is that the old De Phazz sound has come to the fore again! However, this is less compatible with the current image of De-Phazz, which is why the cover is also advertised in large letters as This Is Not A De Phazz Album.

In 2009, the jazz collective appeared with another work! The new material was released under the title BIG, which is an 11-track album featuring The Radio Bigband Frankfurt. What is even more than that is that the tracks were re-arranged one by one for a large orchestra, and the vocal themes were also re-sung by the three excellent vocals. The end result is a big-world bossa nova with lots of instruments.

After decades of unforgettable moments, the band has decided to retire in 2022. This year's concert is a great opportunity to listen to their greatest songs together for perhaps the last time.
Place: MOMKult Budapest
Address: 1124 Budapest, Csörsz u. 18.
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