5 Places For A Great Date In Budapest

  • 12 Feb 2018 6:12 PM
5 Places For A Great Date In Budapest
This piece is about Budapest’s best spots to take a girl or boy on a first date, or on a date night, and of course it's intended to be informative and inspiring...The fact is I hadn't been on a first date in a very long time, and until very recently I’d only been on one real first date, twelve years ago in Luton. To make a long story short, recently I needed to start dating again, and for all those romantic types out there like me who fancy a less obvious place to take a date, look no further than this list put together by @expatsintheloop.


This little café & restaurant is located in the 2nd district. I always get lost when I visit that area of Buda. The last incident occurred a few weeks back when I was trying to find a friends place, and as I have heard quite a few good things about Majorka and it is conveniently located by the tram line, I checked it out.

Once there you're greeted by fashionable waiters in jumpers with black leather pockets that were probably bought in Berlin. With the winter months fast closing in, the Majorka provide stylish gun metal heaters that will keep you cosy as you chat away to your date, outside and in.

The food menu is sparse, but excellent. I went for a veggie burger and a beer. Regarding the beer list, it could be a little better. They have Dreher and Pilsner on tap. I opted for the latter and it was decent enough. The wine selection is a little more extensive with whites and reds dominating the proceedings. Their desert list is also exceptional. It’s a sweet night out.

Go for: The cheese burger
Go to: Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 16, 1126 Budapest

Sarki Fűszeres

This delicatessen is a real throw back and it’s retro interior will impress most first dates. I lived in the 13th for a year and I spent many a lazy afternoon here with my laptop for company.

Unlike most Budapest cafes, the staff here are super friendly and the locals who are always around make you feel more than welcome, which does really help when you're here on a date.

Grab a window seat, a bottle of wine and let any awkward initial conversations quickly become pleasantly spicy - yep, that's a reference to the name of this place.

Go for: The salmon sandwich
Go to: Pozsonyi út 53-55, 1137 Budapest

A38 Boat - British Mood Nights

My friends and I run a DJ collective called 'The Joy Division', so technically 'British Mood' are our competition, but hey these guys throw some great indie nights which are perfect for a less than usual date.

What better way to get to know someone better than by jumping all over the dance floor, inside a boat, to top tunes from The Foals to the Arctic Monkeys. I can’t dance for Scottish toffee, as someone once said, but if you have any kind of rhythm then bring your prospective partner here to have fun getting down to alternative sounds.

Go for: A night of indie mayhem
Go to: Petőfi híd, 1117 Budapest

Szabo Ervin Library

Ok so a library is perhaps not the best place for a date you may say, after all you might want to talk to the person in front of you, but you know sometimes it’s good just to shut up for a short time (I'm often told) and your date just might appreciate the thought...

Take them here, watch their jaw drop when they see this breath taking former aristocratic mansion, and then suggest a drink afterwards at any of the other places in this list.

Go for: The stunning interior
Go to: Szabó Ervin tér 1, 1088 Budapest


If you bring your date here you’ll be confronted by a giant green door that is quite often shut, but don’t despair! Ring the bell and someone will (hopefully) let you inside, depending on the time of day of course.

Climb up the stairs to the third floor, order a drink and take a seat in the section of the bar known as Moska Ter. A peculiar place that is sure to grab any girl or guys attention and get the date night chat flowing. Perhaps not in a good way but go and find out if you dare to be different and so maybe win their heart (back).

Go for: The board game nights for old fashioned fun
Go to: Blaha Lujza tér 1, 1085 Budapest


Words by Joe McCann, photos courtesy of the venues

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