Kreativ Dental Testimonial: Christine Milton

  • 29 Apr 2019 5:51 PM
Kreativ Dental Testimonial: Christine Milton
In this video UK national Christine speaks about her treatment at Kreativ Dental Budapest, which involved dental implants, crowns and bridge work at this award winning clinic.

"Before visiting Kreativ Dental in Budapest I can only describe the state of my teeth as 'a mess'. I had teeth falling out and my ability to bite or chew was so poor, foodstuff like apples and salads were quite simply off the menu.

Having seen my NHS dentist the only option they offered was to have a partial denture. I chose to take their advice and had a denture made. I persevered with it for a long time but it felt so unnatural and I was constantly aware of it in my mouth.

Ironically, having been made to correct my bite and help me chew, it was so uncomfortable and often painful I had to take it out whenever I ate!

Kreativ Dental was recommended to me by a work colleague of my son, who had previously had a great experience there. I knew I had to do something and I'm so pleased I took his recommendation"

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