Free Dental Hygiene Treatment For Expats At Kreativ Dental Budapest

  • 12 Jan 2020 12:59 PM
Free Dental Hygiene Treatment For Expats At Kreativ Dental Budapest
A professional dental hygiene treatment aims to restore the total cleanliness of your mouth. It not only makes your teeth look better by removing discolorations from the surfaces of the teeth, it’s very helpful for avoiding oral infections and your mouth always feels much better afterwards.

We’ve all heard about the damaging effects of tartar, and tartar removal is a vital part of a dental hygienic treatment, as brushing at home doesn’t prevent tartar building up.  

Tartar removal is something a dental hygienist can achieve with ease for you using ultrasonic and/or manual dental cleaning instruments during a dental hygienic treatment.

The amount of tartar that forms varies from person to person so it is advisable to have a dental cleaning to check the level in your mouth. In general, professionals recommend dental hygienic treatment every six months and sometimes more frequently. 

Dental hygienists at Kreativ Dental Clinic are specially trained and play an important role in your dental care, working with you to maximise preventative oral health and minimise the need for dental treatment.

To book an appointment time for a free full consultation with a view to having a top-quality dental hygienic treatment, just click here.

This Free Consultation Includes:

  • Free Dental Check-up,

  • Free Dental Treatment plan,

  • Free OPG X-ray (normal price €50)


This is the first and necessary step towards arranging any free dental hygienic treatment at Kreativ Dental Budapest.

It is without any obligation and is completely free of charge for expats in Hungary when booked via XpatLoop.

Pictured: Kreativ Dental Budapest
Address: 1141 Budapest, Vezér út 100

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