Video: Satirical Look At Election In Hungary

  • 10 Apr 2018 9:14 AM
Video: Satirical Look At Election In Hungary
In the latest episode of Emmy Award winning HBO talk-show 'Last Week Tonight', host John Oliver jovially praised EC President Jean-Claude Juncker for calling PM Viktor Orbán a dictator and for slapping him in the face.

Popular presenter Oliver jokingly described Orbán as "henchman number three in a video-on-demand Steven Seagal movie", and "a deeply unpleasant leader" - as the video below shows.

Oliver said calling him a dictator wouldn't be a huge exaggeration, and that calling him a dictator to his face before slapping him as Juncker did in front of journalists is "absolutely amazing".

He went on to claim that the ruling Fidesz-KDNP coalision have rigged the electoral system in their own favour, and so should be expected to win the election.

Oliver poked some serious fun at opposition parties too, especially Jobbik, and said he really liked the Two Tailed Dog Party candidate who dressed as a chicken for his allocated state TV appearance.

He also referred to the issue of 'fake political parties' established to take advantage of state subsidies for electioneering, which diluted the vote.

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