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Hungary Tightens Restrictions Due To Rapidly Rising Infections

BREAKING | news & more

Falling Rent Prices Stall In Hungary

Watch: Hungarian Women Talk About Dating Foreigners

Watch: PM Orbán Vaccinated With Chinese Sinopharm Vaccine

International Women's Day Celebrated In Hungary On March 8th

New Bartók Spring Festival In Budapest To Feature International Stars

Spring Festival 'Budapest’s Largest Cultural Event Series' To Be Held Online

'Watch Your Phone' If You're Registered For Vaccination, Say Chief Medical Officer

Watch: Hungary's Ruling Fidesz Party MEPs Quit EPP Group, Slam Changes To Statutes

Meet The Tree-Planting “Commando” Making Budapest A Little Greener

Period Poverty In Hungary: Makeshift Products & Missed School Issues

Watch: Hungary's “Welshest” Village Lit Up Castle For St David's Day

Dinosaur Site In Transylvania Rediscovered By Hungarian-Led Team

Budapest’s Las Vegas Casino Reported For Lockdown Violations

Investments In Hungary Reached HUF 4,093 Billion In Q4

Budapest Remote Cinema Schedule, Until 10 March

Pakistani Chefs Tricked Into Cooking In Budapest

Calendar highlights

Compagnie Simon Senn @ Trafó Budapest

Simon Senn, a video artist from Geneva, demonstrates how the virtual world and the real world are not always in opposition, revealing the unexpected entanglements between technology, representation, gender, and law.

5 March - Online in Budapest

Don Juan, Online Premiere In Budapest

The Hungarian National Ballet presents its new production of Thierry Malandain's Don Juan - a modern treatment of an old subject: the man living in the golden age of Spain, whose aim was to seduce every woman.

6 March - Online from Budapest

Mozart Day By Concerto Budapest

Mozart composed more than 600 works, many of which are acknowledged as pinnacles of symphonic, chamber, operatic, and choral music. His influence on Western music is profound.

7 March - Online from Liszt Academy Budapest

Group Coaching Process For Expat Women In Hungary

Free, online, small-group coaching process for women. They will use creative coaching techniques and the power of a (peer) group to support each other to set goals, give space to doubts, and find ways to take a step forward.

8 March - Online from Budapest

Morgan Stanley: 'Ignite & Inspire' Session

This virtual panel session will give you an exclusive opportunity to hear first-hand how their Budapest based technologists are shaping the future of finance and explore what it’s like to have a career at Morgan Stanley.

9 March - Online from Morgan Stanley Budapest

Classic Music Of The 20th + 21st Centuries

This multinational Alban Berg Ensemble is made up of superb soloists capable of tackling performances on a wide variety of instruments - in their choice of name, they are predestined to perform primarily Viennese Modernist works.

10 March - Online from Liszt Academy Budapest


'We Are What We Eat', By Dr. Rose Private Hospital In Budapest

The intestinal flora is a collection of microorganisms in our digestive system in symbiosis, i.e. in mutually beneficial coexistence, especially bacteria, fungi and other unicellular organisms that contribute to the maintenance of our health. Click this headline for more related medical info.

New Review - Unicum Barista: Mixing Coffee With A Secret Formula

Award winning bartender and expat bar manager Dez O’Connell, who's been teaching about drinks for the last twenty years all over Europe, has had a taste of the up-and-coming Unicum Barista and reveals what he thinks - sharing insights about how Zwack came to develop it, how it tastes & how to mix it.

Introducing Wellmed Beauty & Medical Spa In Buda

"Beauty & Health from a solution oriented perspective" is what Wellmed offers in Budapest. Located in Marczibányi square in the 2nd district, it has been operating for more than 15 years - having been established with the unity of medicine, cosmetics & wellness at heart.

New movies in Budapest