• Top 5 Veggie & Beef Burgers In Budapest

    Top 5 Veggie & Beef Burgers In Budapest

    • 22 Dec 2017 12:40 PM

    With exciting new eateries opening up just about every month, @expatsintheloop felt it was time to take a fresh tour of Budapest’s burger serving joints in search of the best tastes these days. With a focus on the capital’s yummiest creations, you’re sure to find something to take a satisfying bite out of in the following five fav's – vegans too. Along with sharing details about the juiciest patties in town, top tips are offered about which craft beers and wine work well to wash them down.

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  • 'Szaloncukor' - The Hungarian Christmas Candy

    'Szaloncukor' - The Hungarian Christmas Candy

    • 22 Dec 2017 8:06 AM

    From the end of November or beginning of December the Hungarian postal services send innumerable packages to addresses all over the world, because not a single Hungarian family living in the diaspora should have to miss out on the typical candy Christmas tree decoration or Hungarian szaloncukor.

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  • Hungarian Christmas Menu (With Recipes)

    Hungarian Christmas Menu (With Recipes)

    • 22 Dec 2017 8:00 AM

    In Hungary, Christmas Eve is spent with the immediate family – parents, children, grandparents, and possibly a few very close friends. The families congregate around the decorated Christmas tree late in the afternoon, candles are lit and traditional Christmas carols sung, while everyone looks at the decorated presents beneath the tree, eager to locate their own. And when the joy and excitement of present-giving has faded, the Christmas meal begins.

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  • Recipe Of The Week: Beigli - Traditional Hungarian Christmas Cake

    Recipe Of The Week: Beigli - Traditional Hungarian Christmas Cake

    • 19 Dec 2017 8:04 AM

    Bejgli (in English as “walnut roll” or “poppy seed roll”) is considered to be a typical Hungarian delicacy at Christmas. According to the traditions both fillings had their different symbolic meaning: walnut provided protection against hexes, while poppy seeds meant prosperity.

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  • Hungarians Prefer Local Wines For Christmas

    Hungarians Prefer Local Wines For Christmas

    • 15 Dec 2017 9:00 AM

    Supermarket chains operating in Hungary expect a growth in revenues from wine sales of 5-7% this year. According to statistics, Hungarians prefer local quality wines rather than imported ones, business daily Világgazdaság reported.

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