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First-up, here's a quick look at a current hot topic in Hungary: The Pope’s Visit to Budapest

Pope Francis will pay a short visit here in September to Hold Mass At Heroes’ Square

1. A pro-government columnist thinks that Pope Francis might avoid meeting Hungarian government politicians in order to 'punish them for keeping migrants out of the country' - more on that here.

2. A 'left-wing' commentator accuses the government of using Christianity to promote its own political agenda. For more insights from each side on this trending topic just follow this link.

3. The latest breaking news on the topic is Pope Francis will meet PM Orbán', despite contrary reports.
Watch this space for more on this and other key matters of interest to the international community.

Next up, as always you can find events below and in our Calendar.

Now we really hope you like what's in it for you below.

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Calendar highlights

'LiveRobe' Charity Event

"Sparkle up your wardrobe with us!" invite the organisers, saying "Visit our fair where you can catch beautiful items from local influencers and celebrities".The event supports UNICEF’s local work for children.

10 June - Gozsdu Udvar

Harmony Jazz Workshop

Romanian songstress Luiza Zan is one of the most interesting and original jazz singers not just in this Central-East European region but in the whole of Europe. Click the headline for more about her and the other performers.

11 June - Budapest Jazz Club

Folk Dance Live Performance

The Angyalföld's Vadrózsa Folk Dance Ensemble will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary. The group and its members are recipients of numerous awards, and if this is your thing you can now go see them perform live again.

12 June - Fonó Budapest

Afro Latin Sunset Party

The organisers say they are bringing "the heat of the Caribbean, Brazil and Africa" to this dance and chill party by this cool lake at Budakalász, just 2 km outside the border of Budapest.

13 June - Lupa Beach

Classical Song Recital by Michael Volle

In recent years, the Budapest Wagner Days festival has been enriched with new colours: in addition to works for the stage, it now also features a song recital performed by an expertly talented singer.

14 June - Live online from Palace of Arts Budapest

'A Jumble of Dance and Circus'

RAamazuri, by the Eva Duda Dance Company, is a dazzling show that will make you laugh and cheer and charge you up, we're told. It is a "grandiose dance-circus cavalcade dubbed with live music and acrobatic elements" . Movements are the language of this world, the mimics and the body create the narrative. Humour and drama go hand in hand while tender and shrill solutions, elegance and comedy, reality and fantasy take place simultaneously on the stage. This piece is like a sharply polished grotesque mirror wherein majestic and clumsy features of human nature evolve artistically. The spectacular scenery plays a main part in the play, special tools and space elements give the chance for surprising movements and an individual style to thrive. The Eva Duda Dance Company pushes off with this performance to a new dimension of the theatrical dance era. They invite us to a broader universe beyond words where time dissolves in the very first moment so we can enjoy the sparkling adventure. Unique and unrepeatable minutes, the celebration of life because fun is always needed.

15 June - Hungarian National Dance Theatre

'Orchid & Bromeliads Expo'

The Hungarian Orchid Association organises this in Fűvészkert's outdoor areas - instead of Vajdahunyad Castle this year. During the 4-day event the prominent role is given to different species of orchids and bromeliads.

16 - 20 June - Budapest Botanical Garden


BBIS: Educating Students for Success in A Changing World

At the Budapest British International School they foster a family atmosphere in which each individual is confident that they can find support when needed; that being part of the community means contributing to individual and group success.

Special Packages for Everyone @ Smile & Teeth Dental Clinic in Buda

Team at Smile & Teeth Dental Clinic is committed to protecting your teeth in line with their philosophy. That is why they place special emphasis on dental retention treatments. Prevention treatments stop further tooth damage and ensure tooth preservation.

B+N Referencia Company has Started an International Expansion

With an internationally significant acquisition, the Hungarian group became one of the most notable facility management providers in the region. The transaction concerns the main subsidiaries of the ISS Group in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary.

New movies in Budapest