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First up, here are 5 fresh Interviews with expats you may know, or may want to know:

1. Anunciada Fernández de Córdova, Ambassador of Spain to Hungary

2. Christian Braunschweig, Managing Director, AGS Movers

3. Ronan Gargan, Irish Ambassador To Hungary

4. Ian Davies, Founder, 'Tisza Tidy Up' Project

5. David Porritt, Principal, BBIS

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Outdoor Catering To Reopen Next Week After 3.5 Million Jabs

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Calendar highlights

Solati Music: Debut

Featuring the golden-voiced Kriszta Pocsai, not only as a singer but also as a lyric writer, this ensemble performs primarily in R&B and soul styles using jazz harmonies and progressive forms.

16 April - Online from Palace of Arts

JazzHouse Live Concert

A not to be missed performance for jazz fans say the organisers, who invite anyone to join this live streaming event on Saturday to hear world class jazz from their 'living room' in Budapest.

17 April - Online from Budapest

Gastro Market By Placc Budapest

Every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm a 'ruin pub' turns into a community market where Hungarian producers, whose priority is to maintain harmony with nature, present their goods in a 'charming courtyard environment'.

18 April - Élesztő

Variations On Realism - Onine Exhibition

The Hungarian National Gallery has opened its re-arranged permanent exhibition focusing on the art of the popular local artist Mihály Munkácsy, which has been expanded with works previously kept in storage plus international pieces.

19 April - Online from Hungarian National Gallery

Storytelling Sessions: 'Thought Generator'

These entertaining sessions are communal events where participants can share stories inspired by the theme of a performance - the facilitators of the sessions help to kick-off imagination, the recollection and the sharing of stories.

20 April - Online from Trafó Budapest

'Perspective' Exhibition Tour

How do we perceive the world around us and how do we record it these days? Primarily in photographs but also on film, in HD or 4K… This was not always the case. Let’s travel five hundred or a thousand years back in time, invite the organisers.

21 April - Online from Fine Arts Museum Budapest


'You're In Safe Hands' At Dr. Rose Private Hospital

The leading private hospital in Budapest is totally committed to patients safety, and in the interests of uninterrupted and safe care it has further tightened hygiene protocols with the help of, among other things, the Hyper Light Disinfection Robot to ensure the bacteria- and virus-free sterility.

First BakerStreet Building In South Budapest Gets Final Permit

BakerStreet Phase I in District XI, is the second Buda development of Atenor, the Belgian real estate developer listed on the Euronext Brussels Market. This leading property company is pleased to announce that the project has received the final building permit.

Whiskynet Insight: Cherry Blossom - Purity, Sophistication, Nikka

As it's the season of cherry blossom, join us on a symbolic journey into the pure and sophisticated realm of Nikka. This Japanese company knows more than a thing or two about celebrating pure beauty, in the form of exceptional whisky - how much do you know about the classic 'Nikka From The Barrel' or the increasingly popular 'Nikka Days' whiskys?

New movies in Budapest