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Watch: Why Expats Here May Go Get A Free Covid Jab In Serbia

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Calendar highlights

Fab Jazz by Szalóky Group

This brilliant young band is appearing for the first time for the Harmónia Jazz Workshop - they are all committed jazz musicians who play contemporary jazz while respecting the traditions of the genre.

2 April - Online from Budapest Jazz Club

'Dialogues Of The Carmelites', Opera Budapest, 3 April

At the centre of the story stands a young aristocratic girl, who is driven by fear to flee to the convent. Through her struggles, the composer shows the trial of faith in a work whose finale is perhaps both the most fantastic and the most shocking in the operatic literature.

3 April - Online from Eiffel Art Studios

John Eliot Gardiner with English Baroque Soloists

Thirteen years after a thrilling performance, John Eliot Gardiner returns with the St John Passion to Müpa Budapest. If he is the doyen of the early music movement, the world-famous conductor continues to be characterized by a tireless curiosity and energetic attitude.

4 April - Online from Budapest Palace Of Arts

Hungarian Circus: ‘Dynasties’

This show ‘Dynasties’ pays tribute to world-famous Hungarian artists. The program can be viewed until April 18 and features more than 70 outstanding artists who will take to ‘the online stage’ to treat families to live Hungarian circus action.

5 April - Online from Budapest Circus

Félix Lajkó & Ballet Company Of Győr

A masterpiece of 19th-century Romantic ballet, whose popularity is unabated, Giselle established a style with a title role that is every ballerina's dream. The piece, had its premiere in 1841.

6 April - Online in Budapest

György Kurtág: 'Endgame' - Premiere

According to a critic, Kurtág's Fin de partie is a loving farewell to 20th-century modernism. Based on Samuel Beckett's drama, György Kurtág's opera was premiered in Milan in November 2018.

7 April - Online in Budapest

'Green Sustainability': BCCH Context Event With HMA Mr Paul Fox

The British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary present their latest Context event for which they have a very topical theme along with a very high-profile panel to complement the debate.

8 April - Online from BCCH HQ in Hungary


Four Seasons Budapest Presents “Easter Lamb To Go”

Spending Easter at home does not necessarily mean spending more time in the kitchen. The brilliant culinary team at the Four Seasons Gresham Palace Budapest has prepared a special feast so you can focus on what’s important: time spent together with your loved ones.

'Sleep ‘N’ Treat Is Solution To Fear' At Smile & Teeth Clinic in Buda

Let's face it, most people are afraid to visit the dentist. In fact, approx. 75% of adults suffer from dental phobia or fear. It seems that many adults learn their fears from their childhood experiences. As a result, more and more patients are asking to 'fall asleep' during dental work.

Easter Chocolate Offer From The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest

A tribute to the Hungarian inventor Rubik Ernő - their geometric Easter chocolate eggs selection created by their talented Pastry Chef, Istvan Mazas. Indulge yourself and your loved ones with this finest 70% Belgian chocolate creation.

All About Allergic Rhinitis & How To Treat It, By FirstMed Budapest

Allergy is an excessive and derailed reaction of the immune system to substances, that normally do not elicit any response from the body. These substances are called allergens, such as pollens, animal hair, mites, mold spores, foods, chemicals, and more.

Triniti Facial Renewal Treatment @ Wellmed Budapest

Healthy skin is smooth, even-toned, firm, and radiant. These key elements work together to create a beautiful complexion. However, the same characteristics can easily be affected by aging, environmental factors, genetics, and more - click this headline for a solution.

New movies in Budapest