Photo Article: Marumoto, Authentic Japanese Teahouse In Budapest

  • 22 Nov 2013 8:00 AM
Photo Article: Marumoto, Authentic Japanese Teahouse In Budapest
By<a href="" target="blank"> We Love Budapest </a>: Green tea originates from China, however, most people tend to associate this wintertime beverage with Japan. It spread not only throughout Asia, but conquered quite a few western shelves, too. Green took its place next to black, and seems to stay. Marumoto was established in 2010 in the heart of Budapest with the intent to popularize tea consumption.

If you claim not to like green tea, the only reason there can be is that you haven't drunk a fine one yet. Fortunately, there is a venue in the city that will surely make you like green tea. Marumoto, a Japanese tearoom opened in 2012.Its guests are usually Japanese, which shows the quality of service and beverages without words to waste.

The managing director of the business, Jotatsu Motonari is a historian and a member of the Japanese tea masters' association. He puts great emphasis on quality, originality, and professionalism.The atmosphere is pervaded by Japanese discipline and precision, yet is still friendly and unique. Time spent here is a real experience, in social and culinary terms, too.

In Marumoto, everything revolves around green tea except mineral water. There are all kinds of green tea on the menu: sencha, fukamushicha, kukicha, gyokuro, kabusecha, tamaryokucha, genmaicha, houjicha, amacha, rosecha, yuzucha… and all other beverages and sweets come in green tea flavoring. There are seasonal selections, too, that get renewed every three months.

We started off with macha, that is, with macha espresso, which resembles absinthe in terms of color, however differs from the alcoholic beverage in many ways. By the way, this cappuccino doesn't contain a trace of coffee, similarly to the other "coffees" - the base is green tea, namely macha. Chocolate here is made out of green tea powder as well, just as ice cream and other sweets.

When ordering simple tea (which is not in the form of coffee or others), we get to infuse our own tealeavesin a special Japanese ceramic kettle. It's important to pay attention to the infusion time - unless we pour out the tea unto the matching ceramic cups within a certain time frame, it will get too strong and bitter.

Green tea, unlike black tea, is made by oxidizing the tealeaves. The difference is that green tea leaves get dried quickly after harvesting and assorting.

Green tea has loads of beneficial health effects, like strengthening the immune system, preventing cancer and tooth decay. In addition, it contains a lot of physiologically important substances as well: C, B2, D, and K vitamins, aluminum, copper, and other substances that help prevent heart and vascular diseases, and obesity.

Its fat burning effects result in dehydration when one drinks too much tea a day, so it's advisable not to consume it in excessive amounts. Marumoto might not be the cheapest tearoom in Budapest, but it's worth some money if you desire something special. It's worth it.

Marumoto Teahouse

Address: 1051 Budapest, Hercegprímás u. 9.
Opening hours: minden nap: 10:00-22:00
Booking and info: +361 269 2849

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