See What Happened @ “Smiling Hospital” - Press Conference In The Budai Children Hospital

  • 16 Jun 2014 9:10 AM
See What Happened @ “Smiling Hospital” - Press Conference In The Budai Children Hospital
The Smiling Hospital Foundation press conference shared with us another successful, far-reaching and emotional piece of the jigsaw that is being put in place for children in Hungary. It has received a 20 Million-HUF grant from the Swiss government.

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The aim of the grant is to financially support the further training of the volunteers of the foundation to incorporate the current psychological best practices. This in time will contribute to the introduction of a real child-friendly, family oriented medical care in Hungary.

The 6-month project had four milestones. First, the Hungarian public was introduced to this approach and the exciting work of a "Child Life Specialist", as an independent profession by Swiss medical professionals in April this year during a conference.

Then, a team of 10 people (local hospital workers and volunteers from the Foundation) will travel to Switzerland in the coming days to observe the approach in practice. Thirdly, two publications (a professional manual for the volunteers and a coloring book preparing children for the hospital stay) were created.

Lastly, a press conference was held in June this year where we saw a short promotional film about how this program is being rolled out. And long may this is heart-warming work continue.

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