Sena Live Band, Festival Theatre, 25 June

  • 21 Jun 2016 9:04 AM
Sena Live Band, Festival Theatre, 25 June
"While the music echoes, and while it comes from the heart / This force of nature will stay with us…” (Sena-Irie Maffia: Zene Zeng). Since moving to Budapest from Ghana at the age of 18, Sena has taken many small steps to becoming one of the gems of the Hungarian pop music scene.

Taking the microphone and improvising for fun enticed her to embark on further musical adventures. Not long after, she joined leading underground hip-hop/dancehall outfit Gimmeshot Crew, while also throwing herself with characteristic energy into almost everything from funk-jazz (Kamu) to Shakespeare sonnets (W. H. Shakespeare Project).

We have heard her with Barabás Lőrinc Eklektric, she has sung for eight years with Irie Maffia, and she collaborates regularly with DJ Vadim, while often also working with other European, African and American musicians.

Just as the chameleon changes its colours, blending into one background after another by slow, steady steps, so Sena progresses in the world of music, constantly adapting, always resplendent in new hues. At this concert of the Sena Live Band, the underground diva leads us into her own personal music world.

Date and time: 25 June 2016, Saturday, 8 pm — 10 pm
Venue: Festival Theatre
Address: 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcel utca 1.

Ticket prices: HUF 2500 / HUF 3200 / HUF 3900


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