Polish Poems On Hungarian Cakes

  • 23 Mar 2017 8:38 AM
Polish Poems On Hungarian Cakes
Quotes from 11 Polish poets have been written on cakes in Balatonfüred, a small town at the lake Balaton, in Hungary on the Polish Hungarian Friendship Day. Polish cookie recipes were also given to the visitors of Rama Charity Cake-factory.

The money gathered by the Cake-factory will be used to purchase books about Polish poets, that are going to be sent to libraries of disadvantaged schools around the lake Balaton. The local comic-hero, Captain Füred provided aid in the action.

Peter Éskovács, the PR manager of the group said: „12% of Hungarian adults read absolutely nothing. Reading however contributes to the development of the personality at a great degree.”

Andrea Patakfalvy, cake designer said in relation with the action: „We wanted to bring back the tradition of home made cakes, that is why we gave Polish recipes to the visitors. Polish cakes are delicious, and Hungarians love them.” At the Cake-factory, everyone could taste the Pani Walewska, a special Polish dessert.

This year, the Polish Hungarian Friendship Day has been held the 11th time since 2007.

For further details contact Péter Éskovács

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