Anilogue International Animation Festival, On In Budapest Until 2 December

  • 28 Nov 2018 12:27 PM
Anilogue International Animation Festival, On In Budapest Until 2 December
Audiences at the 16th Anilogue International Animation Film Festival can watch the best animations from all over the world made during the past year.

This year, 300 animated short films and 14 full-length animations - a number of Hungarian works - are offered, many of which will be available at the Három Holló.

The French Institute, the Polish Institute and the Cervantes Institute will also have screenings, some for free. The Adriatic Wave compilation presents the contemporary animation art of Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. Most of the films run in English or with English subtitles.

The opening film of the festival is Michel Ocelot's newest work, Dilili in Paris that draws an exciting caricature of the turn-of-the-century French art world.

After the screening, a Q&A will take place with the legendary director, who is the creator of the figurine of Kirikou. Ocelot's new work can serve as a mirror image of the new Hungarian hype animation, Ruben Brandt, the Collector.

The two films are first to be seen together by the audience of Anilogue. The festival also features two earlier films by Michel Ocelot, the Tales of the Night and Kirikou and the Sorceress.

Anilogue's closing film is Mamoru Hosoda's latest feature, Mirai, in which four-year-old Kun has been angry with the world ever since the birth of his little sister. But in the morning, she finds a secret, fairytale world in their garden where she meets the little girl who is going to be her mother and the man who will become her grandmother. In the magical adventures, a girl becomes her travel companion. A girl who is called just like her hated little sister.

This year, 5 full-length animations will compete: Santiago Caicedo's Tropical Virus in Colombian-Ecuadorian film Paola grows in the least-traditional family. Facing many prejudices because of her unique, feminine worldview she is struggling for her independence.

Another Day of Life explores the Angolan civil war between 1975 and 2002, where half a million people were killed. The film was created in Polish, Spanish, German, Belgian and Hungarian co-production - the animation film studio Puppetworks in Budapest was also involved.

Denis Do Funan also takes place in 1975 during the Red Khmer Revolution. While struggling for his own survival, Chou, the young Cambodian mother is looking for her four-year-old son, whom the regime took from her.

In Kaspar Jancis’s family animation, Captain Morten and the Spider Queen, a boy can make himself insect-sized. Nina Paley's new film, Séder-Mazochism deals with the history of the Old Testament Exodus as a grotesque animated musical.

Jury members Melinda Kiss, head of the animation department at the Metropolitan University, Croatian director Veljko Popovic and Polish animation curator Piotr Kardas will decide which film deserves the award.

This year 30 short films are in competition, including Réka Bucsi's Solar Walk and Oliver Hegyi's Take Me Please. The jury consists of Ferenc Ambrus, producer Pedro Rivero and Croatian director Drasko Ivezic.

They will award the short film contest, where the winner will receive the 2000 € prize being offered for the first time by the Cartoon Network. One of the exciting delights of this year's Anilogue is that the Hungarian audience will be able to see the newest series of Cartoon Network, the Summer Camp Island by Julia Pott for the first time here!

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