Free 'ArteKino' European Online Film Festival, Until 30 December

  • 26 Dec 2020 10:11 AM
Free 'ArteKino' European Online Film Festival, Until 30 December
For its fifth edition ArteKino Festival is showing a selection of 10 European films that have been made by young filmmakers, and which are freely available in 10 languages in 45 countries across Europe.

The aim of the festival is to create new links between works, their creators and a large audience that is keen to discover new and relevant views on contemporary concerns and themes.

In an everchanging landscape, these films, fictions and documentaries offer a lens through which we can see our world, and decipher our link with history.

The ten feature length films, made by creators from ten different countries, pay homage to the cultural and linguistic diversity found across Europe.

The selection highlights new creators and their diverse sources of inspiration, along with how they address geopolitical changes and intimate crises.

Being either documentaries or fiction, or blending the borders between the two, these films offer a range of views, from melancholic to cheerful, of a transforming world.

The films can be watched for free here.

ArteKino Festival

Photo courtesy of the organisers – Caroline Deruas: L’indomptée

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