Orbán on Tour: “First Hungarian Prime Minister to Come From a Village” Meets Rural Farmers

  • 23 Apr 2024 12:59 PM
  • Hungary Matters
Orbán on Tour: “First Hungarian Prime Minister to Come From a Village” Meets Rural Farmers
Viktor Orbán, the prime minister who also leads the ruling Fidesz party, has embarked on a campaign tour of rural Hungary, meeting farmers in Nemesgörzsöny, in central Hungary, on Monday.

Orbán gave a speech to over 100 farmers in the presence of Balázs Győrffy, the head of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture, István Jakab, the head of farmers’ association Magosz, and the mayors of Nemesgörzsöny and Pápa.

Orbán said Hungarian farmers today were much stronger than ever before. “We’re going to take this forward; you can count on us,” Orbán said, adding that he was the “first Hungarian prime minister to come from a village”.

“Who can Hungarian farmers, rural areas and villages look to for help if not a prime minister who comes from among you,” he said. Orbán said farm prices had imploded due to “flawed decisions in Brussels”, and the remedy was to elect new EU leaders.

He asked farmers to support Fidesz candidates, pledging the party would “out things in order, and the farming world will find its way” even amid the current situation which was “far from easy”.

Photo: PM's press office: Vivien Cher Benko


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