Reinforces Global Environmental Leadership on Earth Day with Ground-Breaking Sustainability Efforts

  • 23 Apr 2024 6:59 AM Reinforces Global Environmental Leadership on Earth Day with Ground-Breaking Sustainability Efforts
In celebration of Earth Day,, a leader in the Hungarian online grocery market, proudly announces a comprehensive review of its sustainability initiatives and sets forth ambitious future goals to enhance environmental stewardship.

Strategic Focus on Local Sourcing and Efficient Delivery

* has enhanced its operational strategies to focus on sustainability:Local Sourcing: By supporting local small producers and delivering goods directly from fields to the Kifli warehouse, the company significantly reduces transportation needs and associated carbon emissions.

* Optimized Delivery System: creating 'green leaf time slots' where customers can choose times where Kifli is already heading to the area on favorable fees minimizes courier travel distances and reduce the environmental footprint of each delivery that is already saving 10+ car trips in the city

* Sustainable packaging - One of these is the Refill category, which relieves our planet of the environmental burden of single-use packaging. And let's not forget the delivery in recycled and recyclable paper and eco-bags, which now account for 15% of orders.

"As our customers are at the center of our universe, improving the environment they live in is an integral part of our operating model. Sustainability is not just a strategy; it is in the DNA of our company, which is designed to improve the quality of life for our customers." says Gabriel Makki, CEO - pictured on the left.

Innovative Waste Reduction and Resource Efficiency

* SaveTheFood Initiative: By using advanced technology to support healthy handpicked food before it gets close to expiry  with discounts, this category not only prevents waste but also educates consumers about responsible consumption. It has seen a 22% increase in the number of purchases from January to March year-over-year helping to reduce food shrink below 0.5%

Substantial Contributions to Food Donation

* Charitable Donations: In 2023, donated 230 tonnes of food to the Hungarian Food Bank and Noé's Animal Shelter, including 161 tonnes of fruits and vegetables, 38.5 tonnes of meat, and 30.1 tonnes of bakery products.
Growth in Eco-friendly Product Offerings

* Plant-Based Products: Reflecting a growing consumer trend towards plant-based diets, sales in this category have surged by more than 42% compared to last year.

Visionary Future Goals for a Sustainable Tomorrow

* Zero Waste and Reduced Shrinkage: is on a mission to achieve zero waste, having already reduced its shrink rate to just 0.5% from over 1% in May 2022, far below the traditional store average of 2-4%.

* Packaging-Free Future: By 2025, aims to offer most fruits and vegetables either without packaging or in paper or degradable packaging, moving away from plastic to address both environmental impacts and hygiene concerns.

This Earth Day, joined forces with its suppliers and partners, both local and multinational, to join the effort to reduce packaging and engage in environmentally positive activities. "There is no more Earth - but together, we can make the one we have better for everyone" emphasizes the need for collective action to achieve substantial environmental improvements.

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