“Kifli City” is 2nd Biggest Community in Hungary

  • 19 Jan 2024 8:30 PM
“Kifli City” is 2nd Biggest Community in Hungary
In its 4 years of existence Kifli has served over 200k customers, making the "Kifli city" the 2nd largest community in Hungary.

The residents' favourite is, of course, nostalgia kifli: a best seller to the date. And although Kifli is much more than a bakery: last year, 213,875 loaves of bread were baked in their own bakery.

A bit more than 4 years ago at the end of 2019, the first Kifli car packed with kiflis and fresh groceries started its conquest on Budapest streets. Almost immediately after a few hundred orders in the first few days, the new form of shopping that became popular changed shopping habits forever.

For the start, 40 workers, 4,000 products and 10 courier cars were available. However, the success was such that by March 2020, 1,000 orders per day had already been fulfilled.

The assortment is also constantly expanding based on customer needs, so on the first anniversary Kifli customers could choose from 12,000 products, which was delivered to 4,000 addresses daily by 115 cars and made possible by a total of 450 employees.

Milestones were also reached: the millionth order was placed in June 2021, since then the time between millions of orders has been getting shorter and shorter, with the 5 millionth completed delivery taking place in December 2023. Nowadays Kifli works with 260 cars and a courier staff of over 500 people. While in the beginning it took 15 days to deliver 444 orders, today it takes 2 hours.

The ever-growing Kifli reached market leading position by 2022 and was declared the largest online FMCG retailer by GKID. Given the company is only 4 years old it is an astonishing achievement. These days over 7000 deliveries are delivered daily from a single warehouse that's holding over 13000 different items.

The service, which was only available in Budapest inner districts and in the vicinity of the capital at the beginning, is now available on the eastern side of Lake Balaton, around Lake Velence, in Székesfehérvár, Veszprém and Százhalombatta, with well over 100 settlements served.

2023 was one of the busiest years in Kifli’s history. Services and loyalty clubs such as Barrier-free club and “Kifli to office” program were launched to help specific groups. Each activity offers different benefits but shares the same vision: to help the customers live their best lives with Kifli.  

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