Trainee Doctors In Hungary Happy With Pay Rise

  • 27 Mar 2012 9:02 AM
Trainee Doctors In Hungary Happy With Pay Rise
"The letters of resignation deposited by about 2,500 resident doctors at the initiative of the Hungarian interns Association will not be activated, Association president Magor Papp announced at a press briefing last week.

He welcomed the wage hike announced on Tuesday as the most significant government action in health care in ten years.

Considering this and the current state of the economy, the executive committee of the Association decided in consensus with the Hungarian Doctors Association to end strike threats in confidence that the salary raise will continue next year.

Papp said the net Ft 42,000 raise for interns constitutes a major improvement on their current Ft 90,000 salary, but still cannot compete with Western salaries. That is why they hope that salary increases will continue next year and that the present announcement is not just a one-off, he added.

Asked to comment on the opposition parties’ doubts that the Ft 30 billion required for the wage increases will be raised, Papp told Duna TV Wednesday evening that the Prime Minister's word is the guarantee.

The government announced on Tuesday that nearly 86,000 health care workers will receive salary increases this year. "

Source: Hungary Around the Clock

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